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Porn Nite
May 22nd, 2000
Art in General
79 Walker Street, New York

With Shu Lea Cheang, Kathy High, Marlene McCarty

Kathy High will present work from her notorious Icky and Kathy Trilogy. This rough and ready trilogy is about twin sisters who "act out" and act up in their own best interests. At the age when a young girl might discover her own sexuality, they explore themselves (and even each other) in their "games" and playtime together. In the three sections--Icky & Kathy Find Liberty, The Baby sitter, and Learning to Suck--the girls (as played by High and her twin) engage in slightly illicit acts together, or are led by their guardians....

Marlene McCarty will discuss her project Some Girls (also known as Poltergeist: Girls at Home). For five years she has researched the true stories of girls who killed their mothers. She has also traveled to and trespassed the crime sites (always their homes) to gather visual material. The project has resulted in 23 monumental and highly sexualized drawings of each of the girls. The drawings will be exhibited in "Seeking the Whole" a show in St. Petersburg, Russia. McCarty is currently working on a DVD project using this material.