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Prejudices in interpreting different cultures. A view from (and to) a
Latin American context
May 26th, 2000
Apex Art
291 Church Street, New York

With Jose Roca (curator, Bogot, Colombia); the artists of "Define
'context' "; and Xavier Tellez (New York based artist)
Define 'context', an exhibition that will open at Apex Art on Wednesday
May 24, curated by Jose Roca,, brings together five artists (Antonio Caro,
Juan Fernando Herrn, Delcy Morelos, Jose Alejandro Restrepo, Miguel Angel
Rojas) and a photojournalist (Jess Abad Colorado) from Colombia, whose
works reflect on the problems associated with the reception of a work of
art in the absence of a 'proper' context.
"Preconceptions are hard to overcome. The typical visitor arrives into
Bogot clad in summer clothes, having assumed that since Colombia is a
South American country, it has to have a tropical climate. 'Lack of
context' is often the same as 'lack of interest' which ultimately equates
with ignorance; there is the same distance from Colombia to New York than
the other way around..." (Jose Roca)
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