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Aestheticization of War
December 7th, 2000
PS1 Contemporary Art Center,
Long Island City, Queens

With Emily Jacir, Leon Golub, Nancy Spero, Ivo Skoric, Thomas Keenan, Walid Raad, Martha Rosler, Trebor Scholz

5 - 6.30 pm: presentations
6.30: coffee break
6.45: presentations and round table discussion moderated by Trebor Scholz

The evening will discuss issues around the representation of recent politically motivated violence and acts of war. What are the problems inherent in aestheticizing political conflicts through different media? What are the strategies used to shift the focus away from macrostructures of international politics to the microstructures of individual tragedies?

Trebor Scholz is an artist and curator born in East Germany, currently teaching Contemporary Art History and Theory at the University of Arizona. He will present 'Kosov@: Carnival in the Eye of the Storm', a project organized in response to the war in Kosovo that consisted of an exhibition on view at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon (April 2000), a film and video program, an international conference, and a website.

Leon Golub, New York based artist. Since 1950, through painting and large scale installations, Golub has focused on stress, violence and war; and most recently on a sardonic "pseudo metaphysical" look at current "realities." in our schizoid media saturated contemporaneity.

Martha Rosler, New York based artist, works with photography, video and installation. She teaches photography and media at Rutger University, and just had an exhibition at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York.

Nancy Spero's art spans four decades across several media. Spero challenges assumptions about the nature of women's power and presence by culling images of women victims of war and rape, goddesses from ancient history and mythology as well as current media images of roller skaters, athletes, dancers, old women, etc. Her most recent installation was at the 7th Cairo Biennial where Spero was the American representative.

Walid Raad is a Lebanese artist currently living and working in the US. His works include textual analysis, video, performance and photography projects that concentrate on the Lebanese civil wars. Raad is an Assistant Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at Queens College (CUNY) and is also Executive Director of The Atlas Group (Beirut/New York). He will be showing documents (notebooks and videotapes) form the Atlas Archive.

Emily Jacir is a New York based artist. Her work incorporates a variety of media and has dealt with issues of exile and the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.

Ivo Skoric is a New York based journalist writing for the on-line mailing list "Net time". He will talk about the use of digital vs. analog electronic media during the Kosovo war.