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November 10, 2000
The Swiss Institute
496 Broadway, New York

With Paul Espinosa, Berta Jottar, MoneyNations, Gregorio Rocha

Paul Espinosa is a Filmmaker based in San Diego.His work specializes in Latino and U.S.-Mexico border topics. Espinosa has produced, directed, written and hosted numerous programs for PBS including "The U.S.-Mexican War: 1846-1848," "...and the earth did not swallow him," "The Hunt for Pancho Villa" and "The Lemon Grove Incident."

Espinosa will present an excerpt from "THE BORDER", featuring an examination of the Latino comedy troupe called Culture Clash. "THE BORDER" series investigates the evolving relationship between the United States and Mexico, undercuts sensationalized notions of the U.S.-Mexico border, questions where we obtain our imagery, and offers viewers an alternative source of information.

Berta Jottar is a video artist from Mexico City. She is currently living in New York finishing her PhD in Performance Studies at Tisch School of Arts, NYU, and working on a video/book project about Rumba within the context of Cuban Political refugees living in New York. Prior to her arrival in New York, she lived 8 years in the Tijuana/San Diego, Mexico/US border region. She was a member of the Border Art Workshop/Taller de Arte Fronterizo with whom she explored, via video installations and photography, issues about the physical, psychological, conceptual, metaphoric, and political layers of border crossings experienced primarily by undocumented migrant women.

MoneyNations (Marion von Osten and Peter Spillmann) Criticism of a Eurocentric mechanism of knowledge and power has multiplied since the 1990s, including in the German-speaking art and culture scene. In contrast to the North/South discussion, the relationship between East and West, due to its historical and political differences, is contradictory and has rarely been the subject of scientific research.

MoneyNations projects focus on Western Europe's restricitive border politics towards Central and SouthEastern Europe and the heightened discrimination against non-Europeans. MoneyNations examines whether joint criticism of Eurocentrism by producers of culture from both post-communist and Western countries can provide a valuable basis for discussion.

Gregorio Rocha's interests in documentary filmmaking have been focused in issues regarding the United States and Mexico. Rocha is a founder of "La sala del deseo" a forum for independent media in Mexico City. He is currently working on the documentary "The missing reels of Pancho Villa". His works, such as "Sabado de Mierda", 1987, "Railroad to Utopia", 1995, "The Arrow", 1996 "Wars and Images", 1997 have been exhibited in the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Museum of Modern Art in New York, among other venues. Rocha will present "Illegal", a segment of the four part documentary "Wars and Images", broadcasted in Mexico by Canal 22. This program attempts to recall the recent history of the San Diego-Tijuana border, by compiling and re-assembling images from mainstream media and independent producers.