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December 7th, 2000
Art in General,
79 Walker Street

With Heimo Lattner, Erin McGonigle and Rene Gabri

DENCITY is a live performance of electro-acoustic music on a nightly bus tour through New York's hidden landscapes. The producers of the DENCITY project are interested in exploring the relations between our point of departure, Williamsburg and some of the surrounding neighborhoods that have remained on the periphery of most experiences of NYC.

For more information about Dencity and how to purchase tickets please see:

Heimo Lattner Visual and sound artist. A protagonist of minimal electronic music. His installations and performances have been presented at: ICA, London; PS1, New York; Museum of Contemporary Arts, Lyon; The New York Kunsthalle, (selection) Radioworks for: WFMU, WKCR, Kunstradio/Vienna, Radio Orange/Vienna, Radio Tilos Budapest, Radio Nova, Paris.

Erin McGonigle Environmental and sound artist, Uses the process of receiving the urban environment as an extension of social production, formally known as Alien Action. Her solo and collaborative works have been presented at: Abandoned industrial spaces, NY; Kunstraum Goethestrasse, Austria; Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna; Lugar Commun, Portugual; Tanz Fabric, Germany

Rene Gabri Visual artist. Whitney Independent Study Program Alum and Co-Founder of 16 Beaver. His work has been screened, exhibited, and has taken places in a variety of spaces and locations both in the US and abroad.