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Where Does It Go From Here?: Reworking the Archives
February 8th
The Clocktower
13th floor, 108 Leonard Street

Arnold Dreyblatt, H. Lan Thao Lam, Christian Marclay, Elisabeth Subrin

Arnold Dreyblatt is a composer (in the minimalist lineage that connects LaMonte Young to Sonic Youth), installation artist (utilizing new and old media to create evocative spaces) and producer of interactive theater. He will be presenting documentation from two recent works: "Who's Who in Central & East Europe 1933" and "Memory Arena"

"In the twentieth century, it is the bureaucratic apparatus of the state, with its mechanisms of public surveillance, such as the archive, that bestows "identity." The mode of so much recent work is to offer a gesture of resistance to the bureaucratization of modern society, by attempting to promote an alternate notion of identity. This often involves a retreat from the public to the private, to an ethnic heritage or to the autobiographical (recovering the past by linking it in some way to one's own personal history). Dreyblatt's project, in contrast, maintains its edge--and its importance for the rethinking of identity, history, culture, and memory--by refusing to retreat from or transcend these public, archival traces." (Jefferey Wallen, Preface to "Who's Who in Central & East Europe 1933", Janus Press, Berlin, 1995)

H. Lan Thao Lam is an interdisciplinary artist from Vietnam. She is a new resident of New York after a recent border crossing - Canada/US. Lam's projects engage the act of excavating, collecting and permutating the internal and external construction of histories; the public archives as cultural authorities that are incommensurable with everyday life. She will present "tracing echoes", an on-going research project that navigates the discrepancy between the experience of the Vietnam War - specifically the Tet Offensive, 1968 - and its representation. In March, 2001, this project will be installed at the Luckman Fine Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

Lam's most recent work, "Where does it go from here?" is an installation documenting the process of recycling napalm bombs left over from the Vietnam War. It is currently on view at the Clarks Humanities Museum, Claremont, CA.

Christian Marclay is a New York based composer, performer and visual artist. He will be presenting recent installation work. Some of his new work is on display at the Paula Cooper Gallery until February 17th.

Elisabeth Subrin is a Brooklyn-based film/video director, writer and educator. Her most recent projects examine intersections of history and subjectivity within female biography. She will present excerpts from her new work, "The Fancy," a speculative, experimental video-essay that explores the life of the late teen photographer Francesca Woodman as evoked in the published catalogues of and about her work. Structural in form, the video radically reorganizes information from the catalogues--evoked as crime evidence, archives, and speculative biography-- in order to pose questions about biographical representation, history and fantasy, and issues of authorship and intellectual property.