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A one-day event at the Clocktower

Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2001
11 am - 11 pm

The artists of the P.S.1 National and International Studio Program will transform the Clocktower Gallery and studios for one day into a multi-functional location for ongoing slide and video presentations, performances, temporary sound installations and lectures by the artists of the program and other artists invited by them.

The Lecture Lounge will include telephonic lessons organized by Luke Ching to teach people to say "Bye Bye" in Cantonese, a wallpainting in progress as part of Ellen Harvey's "New York Beautification Project", new acquisitions to the Film-makers' Cooperative collection, an artificial area of silence created by Paul Johnson, Rembrandt's never painted self-portraits presented by Ritsaert Ten Cate, Nicolas EstÚvez and Maria Alos performance as the doorman/museum guard, a "Non commercial and Artist-run Magazine Table" provided by Nomads & Residents,.a slide and video archive organized by Gert Robjins & Maria Cruz, "Bar Bello," a portable one-dollar cocktail bar, organized by Giancarlo Norese, a flower arrangement provided by Jan Baracz...and much more.

Provisional list of participating artists: Lara Almarcegui (Spain), Jan Baracz (US), Otto Berchem (US), Rosa Brueckl and Gregor Schmoll (Austria), Christoph Buchel and Sonya Feldmeier (Switzerland), Luke Ching (Hong Kong), Maria Cruz (Australia), Nicolas Estevez and Maria Alos (US), The Filmmakers Cooperative (US), Andrea Geyer (Germany), Ellen Harvey (US), Martin Healy (Ireland), Emily Jacir (US), Norma Jeane (Italy), Paul Johnson (US), Yamaide Jun'ya (Japan), Angelika Middendorf (Germany), Frank Motz (Germany), Begona Munoz (Spain), Angel Nevarez (US), Nomads&Residents (various), Giancarlo Norese (Italy), Susan Philipsz (Northern Ireland), Cesare Pietroiusti (Italy), Mike Rakowitz (US), Karen Rester (US), Gert Robijns (Belgium), Andreas Schimanski (Germany), Andreas Schimmelpfennig (Germany), Gedi Sibony (US), Anton Sinkewich (US), Finnegan Sloyan (US), Ritsaert Ten Cate (Holland), Yoon Young Seok (Korea), Mark Lester Yu (US).

The Clocktower Lecture Lounge is an artist-run initiative, intended to create an on-going temporary forum for inter-cultural artistic and theoretical exchanges and practices. It is organized and realized by the P.S.1 National and International Studio Program artists developed from the on-site/on-line format of Angelika Middendorf and Andreas Schimanski. Coordinator: Cesare Pietroiusti

For information about the CT LL, including the schedule of presentations, the artists, and documentation of the event after it has taken place, please visit the website at curated by Angelika
Midendorf, Andreas Schimanski and Andreas Schimmelpfennig.

Clocktower Lecture Lounge
The Clocktower Gallery (& Studios)
108 Leonard Street (between Broadway & Lafayette St.)
13th floor - New York, NY 10012

Tel: (718) 784-2084 x14
(studio program office at P.S.1)