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CONCERNING CURATING: visions, agendas, organizing, art
March 23rd
The Swiss Institute
495 Broadway, 3rd floor

With Olu Oguibe, Aneta Sylak and Gregory Volk

Olu Oguibe is a senior fellow of the Vera List Center for Arts and Politics and an artist, critic and curator. He has recently co-curated 'Century City' at the Tate Modern, 'Cinco Continentes: 3rd International Salon of Painting' at the Museo dela Ciudad de Mexico, and 'Fresh Cream: Contemporary Art in Culture' for Phaidon Press.

Aneta Szylak is a curator and art critic based in Gdansk, Poland. Since 1998 she has served as a director of the Center for Contemporary Art Laznia (Bathhouse) which she established. Laznia is the only public art institution that emerged during the sociopolitical transformation and is now one of the major art spaces in Poland. It is also one of the most controversial, due to its specific programming and public image. Aneta Szylak is currently a resident of the International Studio and Curatorial Program in New York City.

Gregory Volk is a New York-based art critic and independent curator, who contributes regularly to Art in America. He currently co-curates with Sabine Russ. Their most recent shows are "Gather and Tell" at the Mexican Cultural Institute and "Once, Then Something" at Sculpture Center.

"In our collaborations, we devise ideas and situations which we are passionately interested in and curious about, and then the whole exhibition acts as a kind of catharsis, even to the point where important things happen that we might not have consciously planned in the beginning."