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Mapping, Distribution, and Mobility in Urban Space
May 18th
Apex Art Curatorial Program
291 Church Street (between Walker and White)

with Brett Bloom, Lize Mogel, Michael Rakowitz, and Damon Rich

Brett Bloom is an artist, writer, and activist based in Chicago. He writes a regular feature in TENbyTEN magazine called "Making Room" dedicated to experimental exhibition making. He started a web site called to collect information on people working in Groups and/or running Spaces around the world. Brett is also a member of the group Temporary Services. For the past four years he has run an ongoing public art project called "Dispensing with Formalities" that uses free newspaper dispensers to distribute art, information and ideas on city streets.

Lize Mogel is an artist living in Los Angeles whose work explores the meaning of place and issues of vision and display, through her own work and within a collective - the Center for Land Use Interpretation. In Lize's work, the pseudo-natural acts as a framework for the investigation of public and private space, and poses questions about ownership, use-value, and the politics of landscape. Her recent project "Public Green", is a geographic and economic mapping of publicly accessible green space in Los Angeles.

Michael Rakowitz is an artist living and working in New York City. Rakowitz creates public interventions in urban space which identify and bridge small fissures in larger networks of societal and institutional lacks. In paraSITE, the artist creates custom built inflatable shelters for homeless people which attach to the exterior ventilation units on buildings, recycling the warm air of the HVAC systems which simultaneously inflate and heat the double membrane structures.

Damon Rich is a designer and project manager of the Center for Urban Pedagogy in New York. CUP is a non-profit research and design office dedicated to producing pedagogical and challenging work about the built environment. Since 1995, CUP has created and collaborated on publications, exhibitions, design competitions, research, and public art involving issues of community and urban planning, urban studies, and the political uses of architecture.