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Territorial Imperative
May 23rd,
Green Naftali Gallery
526 W26th Street, 8th floor

With Silvan Linden, Matthew Buckingham

edit suisse group -- "STEREOLAYER"
For the project stereolayer the edit suisse group researches the history of 'Canal Des Deux Mers', 'Panropa', and 'Atlantropa', all plans for lowering the water-level of the Mediterranean. The project operates along intersections between the German Jewish architect Erich Mendelsohn, Argentinean author Jorge Luis Borges, and others, while showing digitally manipulated slides which are accompanied by an audio track. The work creates its own parallel space which is open to interpretation --recognizing the inadequacy of drawing comparisons when it comes to questions of territory and terminology.

Matthew Buckingham
Past and present life in the anarchistic 'free city' of Christiania in Copenhagen, Denmark, is the subject of "SANDRA OF THE TULIPHOUSE OR HOW TO LIVE IN A FREE STATE", a five-channel video installation by Matthew Buckingham and Joachim Koester. In the project Christiania is approached at face-value, as a self-described laboratory of freedom, an environment that provides an almost unparalleled opportunity to unravel a history of markedly contrasting power relations and vivid social forces which have defined one of the largest anarchistic communities in the world, a city-within-a-city, home to 1,200 people living outside of Danish and international law.