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For the context of the exhibition "Ground Zero" scheduled to open on August 16th at 129 Lafayette street, Nomads and Residents will provide a listening station for audio pieces. Nomads and Residents is making an open, international call via email to invite you to send us CDs containing one track of an audio work for inclusion in the exhibition. We only ask for a single track, not necessarily entire works, and the duration of the track should be determined by the CD itself, from 1 second to maximum 74 Minutes. We also ask that you send only your own work.

This audio platform does not have an overall subject or theme. The temporary archive will be created exclusively through the open call and will not be edited or curated. It will be made available for the exhibition's audience to browse through and listen to at their own leisure. The archive will be displayed within Heimo Lattner's and Ruthard Miksch's "Collective Dwelling Unit".

The format of "Transitory Audio Archive" is an extension of Nomads and Residents' interest in creating temporary situations and networks for the exchange of resources, ideas and information. It is a continuation of a previous transitory archive made up of international art publications assembled as part of the "Lecture Lounge Vol. I" day of events held at the Clocktower Gallery NY in the Winter of 2001. More information on this project is available @


The work has to be one track and burned onto an individual CD. We will take the utmost precaution to protect the CD from loss or damage, however we can not assume any responsibility for the possible theft or damage of the CD in the public context of the show. If you wish, please send us 2 identical copies (in case of damage or loss). Include the following information about the work:

author's name
distributor or where the cd is available (if applicable)

Please include the author's name and the title of the work on the CD itself.
Please don't send other materials.

The material has to be received by August 14th, 2001. Our address is:

Nomads & Residents
PO Box 865
New York, NY 10013

Thank you very much for your interest and we look forward to giving your work a public platform in the context of this show.