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"On urban geography, power and consumption"
A-Clip Berlin invites to create a film network between New York City and

Thursday April 4th, 2002, 6:30pm
back room of Greene Naftali Gallery
526 W26th Street 8th floor
between 10th & 11th Avenue



A-clip is an art project that started in 1997 in Berlin, Germany. It is a short time intervention in movie theaters in the form of the production of short clips which are unofficially slipped in-between the commercials in mainstream cinemas and elsewhere.

Klaus Weber (Berlin) will present the project, showing some of the short films (with English subtitles), produced in Munich and Berlin many different people. He will talk about the urban political background of A-clip and introduce the current plan to organize a film network between Berlin and other cities in Europe and the USA. This film- network would consist of an exchange of local clips made by people in the different cities as well as the organization of a network of participants who would actually be able and would like to "UNOFFICIALLY" slip "A-clips" between commercials in mainstream cinema & elsewhere.

This evening could be the point to start out and join efforts for continuation of the project on an international basis.

>From the catalogue of the Filmfest Oberhausen, Germany: A-clip produces and distributes political short films. Made on videotape and blown up to 35 mm, they are mostly addressed to a cinema audience. During the commercials, single A-clips appear as short political statements (40- 120 sec.) on urban geography, power and consumption. A- clip visits the capitalist city that is about to modernize its inclusions and exclusions once again. A-clip intends to be a part of a movement which crosses out these and other ideological effects. The spiral of identities, life-style images, production according to desire, and product placement as predetermined in advertising corresponds to the operation which also needs to be confronted on a creative level. 'Like many other people, we hate to miss the commercials and are therefore sorry when we arrive late at the cinema. That's exactly why we chose this semi dark room, where products talk and where we can observe capitalism employing a permanent image transfer to produce the filler made of purchase and categorical happiness'.

A-clip is situated somewhere between artistic statement, collective practice, subjective perspective and political editing. The spots of A-clip are generally UNOFFICIALLY spliced in between the commercials of mainstream cinemas, in direct arrangement with the projectionist.