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"Sound Art Installation"

A presentation and conversation
Georg Dietzler (Cologne) and Michael Schumacher (NY)

Sunday April 14, 8pm
at Diapason 1026 6th ave, 2nd floor, at 39th street.

Michael J. Schumacher is a composer and co-founder of Studio Five Beekman and Diapason. Georg Dietzler (Cologne) is an artist, curator and consultant currently organizing sound installations for Rachel Haferkamp Gallery in Cologne.
On the talk/discussion

Michael J. Schumacher will describe the activities of his two sound galleries, Studio Five Beekman and Diapason, with examples from the archives, including works by Phill Niblock, Ben Manley, Matt Rogalsky and others. The emphasis of the talk will be on the relationship between forms in music and the spaces where it is played.

Georg Dietzler will be talking about his curatorial engagement at Rachel Haferkamp Gallery (Cologne) and what his collaboration with Thorsten GĂrgens, Hanjo Scharfenberg has brought since it started its engagement for sound and media based works (sound and intermedia arts) in summer.

On the presenters:

Michael J. Schumacher
* 1961 in Washington, DC Piano studies with Seymour Bernstein, John Ogdon, Shigeo Neriki Composition studies with Stan Applebaum, Bernhard Heiden, John Eaton, Vincent Persichetti and La Monte Young Degrees in Composition from Indiana University, Bloomington (1982) and The Juilliard School (1988) Musical Experience: Composer, Pianist, Guitarist, Teacher, Studio Engineer, Concert Producer and Curator, Computer Music Programmer (Max/MSP, Super Collider, CSound) In 1996, with Ursula Scherrer, founded Studio Five Beekman, a sound and intermedia gallery. With Liz Gerring, founded Diapason, a sound and intermedia gallery, in April, 2001. Receives an award from the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts in 2001. You can find more information on his work at:

on Diapason:

on Studio Five Beekman:

Georg Dietzler (Cologne)
Born 1958, is presently based in Cologne, Germany. After working for a steel company in Dortmund/Germany, researching how can computer technology support the steel production without the loss of jobs (a three year committment) he realized that he was missing something different. In 1979 he decided to study for becoming an art teacher. He was pretty sure I wouldn't have the potential to survive as an artist, but sometime later he could make it. Besides arts (sculpture and photography) he studied Philosophy, Pedagogy (theater and media pedagogic) and Ethnology. He wasn't interested in another degree as the Master of Fine Arts. Today he is living the exciting life as freelancer in the arts, which includes being an artist, lecturer, curator (for sound and media based works for the Rachel Haferkamp Gallery in Cologne), project-manager in arts and arts related research-projects, consultant for exhibitions and academic programs in arts and science, coordinator and mentor for institutional projects. He had a wonderful time teaching at the San Francisco Art Institute, but whenever times become hard he returns to his job being the night porter in one of Cologne's hotels. Luckily he is no longer ambitious for being engaged in cultural politics, which he was on a national and European level. He enjoys having more time for projects he is interested in, in addition he finds so many exciting and inspiring encounters through his travelling. Seeding his ideas is his great idealistic deal. He moved to Cologne after living in Paris/France from 1985-1987 and in Rome/Italy between 1989- 1991. The first freelanced show he organized was on sound installation and -performance on public sites of the city of Muenster/Germany..