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Sound-Art: Making, Curating, Housing
A presentation/conversation with Eric Rosenzveig, Tetsu Inoue and Ombretta Agro.

Thursday, May 23, 8pm
At Engine 27
173 Franklin St. (btwn. Hudson & Greenwich)

Eric Rosenzveig will speak on the artist-in-residence program at Engine 27. Tetsu Inoue - the first composer to complete a work in residence at E27, will talk about his past work and his current installation "Active Dot (study for 16 lines)." Italian sound curator Ombretta Agro will present some of her extensive curatorial projects.

on Engine 27:

on Tetsu Inoue:

Ambient and computer music composer Tetsu Inoue has been recording music for more than a decade, articulating the expressive capacity of electronics through both analog and digital means. For the past 5 years Tetsu's work has been drawn upon the compositional possibilities opened up by desktop digital signal processing technologies; works such as Psychoacoustic and Fragment Dots (Tzadik) Waterloo Terminal (Caipirinha) and Dsp Holiday (Daisy World), Active/Freeze (12k label) Object and Organic Code (IEA) Field tracker with Andrew Deutsch (Anomalousrecords). These recent releases largely abandon the broad, immersive environments of his earlier works in favor of a sculptural or even architectonic approach to sound marked by density and fracture over continuity and transparency.

on Ombretta Agro:

Ombretta Agro' began her professional career in 1995, following her graduation from the University of Arts and Literature of Siena, Italy, with her degree in Contemporary Art.

Upon return to her home in Turin, Ombretta took a curatorial position at the VELAN Association, a not-for-profit cultural organization, whose goal is to promote the work of young and upcoming artists from both Italy, as well as countries abroad. During her 3-year collaboration with VELAN, she developed broad and varied skill sets, learning administration and organization, while expanding her curatorial knowledge and experience. Travelling often to New York and throughout Europe on behalf of VELAN, Ombretta capitalized on her multi-lingual abilities by establishing relationships with a large number of artists, exhibition spaces, and notable individuals related to the art world.

Some of her curatorial high points while with the VELAN Association were the thought-provoking Versus I, II and III shows (annual group exhibitions which present emerging international artists) and the solo show of one of America's most prominent contemporary artists, Dennis Oppenheim.

In 1998 Ombretta moved to New York where she currently lives and works. In 1999, she focused her full attention on curating, organizing the shows Paint a Rumor (where she presented 3 emerging artists from the United States along with 2 from Italy) in the Spring, at the Maria Cilena Gallery in Milan; and, The Other Side of New York (featuring the works of 7 artists of different nationalities, yet all living and working in New York) in Summer '99, at the MAZE Art Gallery in Turin.

In New York, Ombretta curated the show And she said, "Let There Be Light", in May 1999, which dynamically presented the works of 4 international artists on lightboxes, at the Parallel Gallery. In the spring 2000, she organized a group show of 14 Italian artists, entitled: NA.TO. (which takes its name from the first letters of car license plates in Naples and Torino) showed at the highly regarded GAle GAtes et al. Exhibition Space, in Brooklyn. Recently she curated the show Fabulae... Fabularum at Trans Hudson Gallery in New York City, in which she features 11 international artists whose work deals with the fairy tales word. In the summer 2001 she organized a one night event in collaboration with curator Leeza Ahmady including video screenings, dance and music performance and a showcase of the Williamsburg Brooklyn Film Festival at the Queens Museum of Art. In between September 8th and 15th, 2001, she organized the Freigt Elevator Project in collaboration with the 2001 Downtown Arts Festival in which she invited 8 international artists to create site specific installation to be showcased in freight and passenger elevators throughout Chelsea and Meat Market. In the Fall 2001 she curated at VELAN Center for Contemporary Art in Torino two solo exhibitions of Norwegian artist Cecilie Dahl and Italian Cosimo di Leo Ricatto.

In the year 2000 Ombretta founded with New York curator Helen Varola Art Inc., an art organization that provides services in the arts to international corporations which recently merged with the German organization Art Matters (

She was recently invited to give a lecture at the Whitney Museum of American Art honoring new emerging artists and curators.

Respected for having a "sharp eye" when it comes to identifying the valued artists of tomorrow-today-Ombretta is a New York contributor for Italian art magazine Arte Critica and wrote for Tema Celeste, as well as collaborating with the New York-based, The Art Tribune and New York Arts Magazine.

From the outset, Ombretta has focused on creating close relationships with key exhibition spaces around the world-in effect, a contemporary art gallery "network"-through which she is able to fulfill her professional goals. That is, to promote the many extremely talented emerging Italian and European artists and in America, while providing exposure in Europe to the emerging American and international artists that she finds in New York.

Working from a global viewpoint, Ombretta Agro`'s perspective, in an increasingly diverse art world, enables her to build bridges between cultures to facilitate a larger public awareness of emerging artists virtually the world over.