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Robots and Residents
A robotic performance and conversation with Guy Van Belle (Belgium), The Institute for Applied Autonomy (NY), and
Amorphic Robots Works (NY).

Tues. May 28th, 7:00pm
at The Thing
601 West 26th Street, 4fl.

Come watch the robots play and join us for a conversation
with their creators. Featuring the autonomous artificial artist "roving walter walter" and much more.

Presenters' info
On The Institute for Applied Autonomy

The Institute for Applied Autonomy (IAA) was founded as an arts research and development collective in 1998. Our work centers on individual and collective self-determination, with an emphasis on issues of public space, free expression, and cultural dissent. The IAA's major research initiatives to date include "contestational robotics" (robotic solutions for such cultural insurgents as artists, activists, and juvenile delinquents) and "inverse surveillance" (surveillance-avoidance systems and other tools enabling public oversight of corporate and law-enforcement surveillance activities).

check out Guy and roving walter walter (the autonomous artificial artist) at:

and chip.kali + lahaag

Guy Van Belle (.BE) has been prominently involved in the use and development of multimedia for artistic purposes since 1990. He is working as an educator and mediatechnologist at Ghent University since 1991. He left the Education Department for the electronic music studios IPEM. Since 1999 he is appointed project professor at the multimedialab, Higher Institute of Fine Arts Antwerp. Over the years he has been setting up several workshops on artistic software resulting in mutidisciplinary and collaborative performances in Brussels, Prague, Rotterdam, Moscow, Riga ...

As an independent organiser and curator he executed some diverse projects over the preceeding years, based on the utopian mission to experimentalize tradional arts and intervene with the consolidation of literacy, in order to realize a better post-human society on a terraformatted distant planet. The nature of artificial culture is researched through participation in several international conferences, publications and festivals. He advises several international organisations in their policies on that futurologist matter, like his cooperation with De Waag Amsterdam on the development of collaborative creative tools and installations with the experimental application Keystroke.

His former initiatives Sola, Stellingname and Young Farmers Claim Future demonstrated the innovative use of computers in different domains of audio and visual creativity. In 1999 he was appointed curator for the Leonardo Music Journal CD: Power and Responsibility: Converted to Streaming Between Machines.

Then came the year 2000 and dBonanzah, which shifted the focus towards the use of internet as an anonymous, communicative and creative platform. Two virtual cd's still reside on the several servers that were squatted for these audio-projects. The same year 2000, he started up, an experimental computer band for youngsters aged 12-18, urging them to take over the project and realize their own projects..

Now there is m(Hz - or 'machine centred humanz' - that further elaborates on the use of virtual and real performance spaces. The central method in Guy Van Belle's projects has always been the exploration of different possibilities human collaboration can offer in the creation of a piece. But in the end the several layers identifying the medium, the audio and video, melt together and interact without human interference. The last themes deal with audiovisual and communicative noise and feedback. When they are used not as transformers, but as generators, they become aeshetical machines creating form and content by themselves. Obviously the internet is playing a prominent role.

mXHz is a collective of unruly disciplinary minds, and is currently
building an independent artificial artist "roving walter walter"
as well as organizing informal meetings "backwards speech society" with artists, scientists
and other bricoleurs.

Amorphic Robots Works

Amorphic Robot Works was formed in 1992. ARW is a New York based group of artists, engineers and technicians working together to create robotic performances and installations. ARW's Artistic Director Chico MacMurtrie, describes his vision, "The work is an ongoing endeavor to uncover the primacy of movement and sound. Each machine is inspired or influenced, both, by modern society, and what I physically experience and sense. The whole of this input informs my ideas and work."

Mark Ruch elaborates that "as there is a beauty and elegance in movement itself, there is equally potent an experience in watching a machine (human or organic in form), struggling to stand, attempting to throw a rock, or playing a drum. These primal activities, when executed by machines, evoke a deep and sometimes emotional reaction. It is the universality of emotional experience which intrigues us, and it is the contrapuntal use of machinery as artistic medium and organic movement as form which, perhaps ironically, combine to provoke these emotional reactions most readily."

The Amorphic Society includes more than 100 interactive and computer-controlled human and abstract machines ranging from 12 inches height to 30 feet long. If you are visiting San Francisco, you will have an opportunity to visit "URGE" the only permanent interactive kinetic sculpture in the Yerba Buena Gardens, located on the corner of 4th Street and Howard Street.

If you are interested in one or more of these projects and/or pieces mentioned in this site, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. Any other questions, comments, inquiries, requests or any other issue can be forwarded to us and we will be glad to answer them.