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Tactical Narrative
March 22, 2000
Experimental Intermedia
224 Centre Street, New York

With Florian Wuest, Shelly Silver, Ashley Hunt

Florian Wuest will show and talk about his recent experimental film "Oh Mother Earth, dear Fatherland" adressing the iconography of remembrance in Germany. Starting from the critique of the Neue Wache (New Guard House) in Berlin as the 'Central Memorial of the Federal Republic of Germany', Oh Mother Earth, dear Fatherland examines the powerful links between political symbolism and Christian iconography. The image of the sacrificed son in mother's arms leads a brazenly associative collage comprising of own recordings and found footage. 34 min, color and b/w, 16mm, 1999.

Shelly Silver will talk about the permutating equation: camera + cameraperson + subject = ? What relationships are possible in this equation? If a camera is never merely a recorder of reality, what can be created using it as mediator or instigator. She will show excerpts from three videos that each take a distinctly different approach: Meet the People, 17 minutes, 1986; 37 Stories About Leaving Home, 52 minutes, 1996; Want (rough cut), 2000.

Ashley Hunt is currently developing a body of work about Prison Privatization, tracing its history and influence on public imagination as one of a number of forces that desires a growing prison population. Among other material he will present a trailer for the resulting video work. 6 min. VHS. 1999.