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Mermaids on the Run
April 2, 2000
The Swiss Institute
495 Broadway, 3rd floor, New York

With Barbara Hammer, Yvonne Volkart, Cornelia Sollfrank, Carrie Moyer, Sue Schaffer

Barbara Hammer will talk about her intervention into "lesbian history" in her forthcoming 16mm feature, "History Lessons" and in her website ( Currently she has 7 digitally altered "interventionist" photographs in the Rethinking the Modern Amazon exhibition at The New Museum of Contemporary Art.

Yvonne Volkart and Cornelia Sollfrank are members of Old Boys Network and will talk about cyberfeminism. Yvonne Volkart curated 'tenacity'. Cultural practices in the age of global bio- and information technology' the current exhibition at the Swiss Institute, in which Cornelia Sollfrank is showing her latest research on female hackers.

Carrie Moyer and Sue Schaffer will talk about DAM, Dyke Action Machine, a public art collaboration which critiques culture by inserting lesbian images into a recognizably commercial context. Currently DAM! is working on "GYNADOME", a streaming video website and billboard funded by the Creative Capital Foundation.